An Ode to Thissraelle Dragonfriend:

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Dragon Poetry

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Illustration by Mark Hansen

An Ode to Thissraelle Dragonfriend

The dragons write such wonderful poetry

I love reading you their delicate words of love and peace.

But reading good poetry is much easier than writing it.

I try but I just can’t think of beautiful ways to say

How much I love you.

-Eddiwarth Unburned

The End of Book 3: Of Dragons and Kings

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Author’s Note: Eddiwarth Tries Dragon Poetry

OK, so Eddiwarth isn’t as good at poetry as Heathrax, or even Ryxitt, but the fact that he even tried shows his love for Thissraelle, right? I mean, at least he’s sincere!

This upcoming month is also National Poetry month, something worth celebrating. So write a poem and share it with someone you love.

I need to sit down and write up the description of the dragon poetry form. Maybe I’ll have a dragon poetry contest, or something… That would be cool.

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