Indie Book Review – Escape From the Mansion on the Island of Dr Grimdeath – By Doug Bedwell

You and your friends are sitting wrapped up in blankets on the couch and floor of your family room. It’s late at night, and you’ve all finally gotten bored with Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever. 

Someone says it’s time for a scary movie.

Someone else objects. Someone always does, but that doesn’t stop the show from starting. You roll your eyes. These old movies aren’t scary. They’re just cheezy.

But before you know it, one of the cute girls is screaming before she gets dismembered, and the rest of the kids in the show are running scared and your fingers are in your teeth and your knees are shaking…

There’s a reason these old movies are classics, right?

That’s the kind of story you’re in for when you read the Escape From the Mansion on the Island of Dr. Grimdeath. It’s got everything you expect. A dark mansion, a rainy night, young and naive protagonists waiting to be killed, a monster (you’re not quite sure which one for a long time), a mad professor, and… no escape.

Eight students have to survive the night to pass their final exam, and Dr Grimdeath doesn’t like to give out A’s. As the students search the house, the bodies pile up, and there are fewer and fewer left to finally challenge the monster. If they can just figure out what it is!

This book is a quick, fun read, and it will get your heart pumping. I also very much recommend Doug Bedwell’s other books, especially “A Counterfeit Princess”, a fascinating fantasy that subverts pretty much every trope and expectation the genre brings. 

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