Indie Book Review – Joss the Seven – By J Philip Horne

The Twitter Authorverse is huge! There are so many indie authors out there, each trying to create, to carve out their niche, and to share their stories. I know. I’m one, too.

So, lately I’ve very much enjoyed reading some of them. A big part of what’s cool with this is reading works by authors I’ve never met, and just enjoying their work on its own merits, rather than on any background that I might have heard because it’s a classic, or because I’ve read other books by the same author, or whatever. It’s fun to just jump in on something totally new, and just experience it.

One of the books I’ve picked up like this recently is “Joss the Seven” by J Philip Horne. It’s a fun MG/YA superhero romp. Joss is a Jr High student, and has a very strange day at school. He gets a note from a lady named Mara that leads him to discover that he’s got powers, and lots of them. As she and her companion begin his training, and send him on important guild missions, others begin pursuing him. Soon, he’s wondering who he can trust, and how much to tell his parents!

Horne’s writing is well-crafted. He does a great job of creating Joss’ voice (It’s written in first person), something I’ve always found challenging, myself. The storyline is pretty tropey, but I didn’t mind, because the characters were fun, and the action fast, all the way to the final confrontation!