Liberty Justice by Brett McKay

Can an addict find redemption?

This is a part of the blog where Mark comes out and talks about someone Else’s book!

I just finished reading “Liberty Justice” by Brett McKay. He’s been a writer friend of mine that I’ve known for several years. A while ago I read his “The Other Side of Elsewhere”, and I thought it was a good, fun read.

“Liberty Justice” is even better. By a long shot!

It starts with a young teen girl named Liberty Justice. Yes, that’s her actual name. She has a difficult time at school and at life because her mom is a heroin addict. Liberty struggles to balance her real life with her school life and it’s just not working.

I hope this isn’t too much of a spoiler. It’s on the back of the book, so I’m probably good. One day, a struggle with a drug dealer in their house ends with him dead. In a panic Liberty grabs her mom and they go on the run. Liberty is afraid of the good guys (the police) because she’s afraid they’ll take her mom away. She’s afraid of the bad guys (the drug cartel) because they want them dead to avenge the dealer. She can’t even call her best friend at school.

The fighting and bonding and fighting and bonding that Liberty and her mom go through is so well written that it brought me to the brink of tears a couple of times. It’s really good stuff!

Liberty finds allies along the way, but deciding who she can trust is a difficult challenge.

For me, as a fantasy writer, it was interesting to see myself so engrossed with a book completely devoid of magic, wizards, other dimensions, dragons, ghosts, or demons. There are some scary monsters, but they are all two-legged, air-breathing, pants-and-shirt-wearers, just like you and me!

It’s a very suspenseful, yet also very human book.

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