Three Years of Heroes!

On January 9, 2019, “Of Children and Dragons” went live on Amazon.

My first novel was published and available! I was very excited to hold it in my hands. That’s a very special moment for an author. Several years before, I’d held my first published book, a Dutch oven cookbook, and felt the same thrill. It’s funny, but when you publish successive works, like more cookbooks or a second novel, you still feel the same thrill. At least I do.

Since then, the story has grown. Characters have come in and gone away, and scenes and situations change. I guess that’s just like life, right? I still love going back and remembering those first scenes with DeFrantis, Granthurg, and Thissraelle. I loved learning and growing along with them all.

So, come on and join us in a celebration!

The kindle ebook version has been repriced at $1.99, so jump in and meet the characters!