Land of Wynne Historical Timeline


Creation Myth

In the dark and distant past, The Creator, Yumirin, pulled great chunks of chaotic matter and energy fromthe Vast and formed stars and worlds. He created six great dragons from each of the core magical essences and together, under His direction, they shaped the world that Wynne is a part of. 

Next, the world was populated with flora, fauna, and sentient beings. Over millennia, the various races and ethnicities of the world evolved. All of the hominids in the world evolved from a single race, and many of them think that they’re the most direct descendants of the original. In reality, everyone is a branch.


In the early dawn of prehistory, the Land of Wynne was populated mostly by elven variants.

In addition, The Khelnar populated the swamps and the fae populated the islands in the southeast. The Arachinslived in the forests.

During this era, Dwarves and Giants emigrated into the land from the west, and they establish mines in the mountains, keeping mostly to themselves

Late in this era, the humans sailed into the land in the southeast and established settlements in Portstown and Twynne Rivers. They were a unique culture in that they quickly learn to interact with everyone else instead of keeping to themselves.

Dragon Kings

The dragons, living in the western Graemal Mountains, established dominance, then a full ruling kingdom over the land lasting around 1000 years.

During this era, the elves flourished in the Umbrawood forest, the Umbramire Swamp, and the Emberfire Mountains. The elves of this time had many conflicts with the Khelnar in the swamps and the Arachins in the forests.

Twynne Rivers, originally formed as a small trading hub with the early human settlements, grew into a thriving city and trading hub.

Eventually, the dragon kings demanded to be worshipped as gods. This is marked by the  rendering of the records as years in “AD” (Anno Draconis). Most of the hominid world resented this idea, but some of the humans accepted it, forming a church known as the Dragon's Flame.

Late in this era, Heathrax is born and grows up. He champions a rejection of draconian godhood and greater sovereignty for the hominids.  He becomes the Dragonfriend

The reign of the Dragon Kings ended with Maxxin III. The Dragon Pox swept the land, killing most of the dragons. The hominids rose up and with combined armies dethroned the Dragons. During this time, the Dragontooth Dagger is created and empowered.

High Elven Mage Kings Approx 75 AD

After the First Dragon War, the hominid cultures fought among themselves for supremacy. The elves became dominant through the extensive use of military mages. During this struggle, the elves split into two cultures, the wood elves in the forests, and the high elves in the mountains. The remaining cultures remained under the rule of the high elven mage kings for 150 years

During this era, the Felisians emigrated into the northeastern plains from lands farther north.

During the reign of the Mage Kings, the Dragon’s Flame was repressed. The human cultures, spreading throughout the fertile lands south and east of the Umbrawood Forest founded the Church of Three LightsApprox 120 AD

The era ended as high elves’ power declined and withdrew to the mountains. Stories say that the dwarves in. the eastern mountains stole the Staff of the Magi, a powerful artifact helping the elves retain dominance.

First Human Dynasty in Twynne Rivers – Approx 225 AD

From this time period onward, each nation established its own rule and kingdoms in its own lands. The first human dynasty, established in Twynne Rivers, established in 206 AD, lasted about 150 years, though it wasn’t for many years that they were able to establish full sovereignty over Twynne Rivers and the lands around them.

The Church of Three Lights created and empowered a dozen magical artifacts called the “Donna Creatori” (The Gifts of the Creator). They were distributed to various ranking priests, but were all eventually lost and scattered around the land.

A third major religion was formed in this era, known as the Seekers of the Great Reality. They claimed not to be so much of a church as theological and philosophical teachers and writers. The Church of Three Lights proclaimed them as heretics.

Dragons stirred up the Khelnar and the eastern Dwarves to fight in what is known as the Second Dragon War.  Jakoh of Emberfire (a high elven prince) and DarkStar of Umbrawood (a wood elven rogue), discover the plots, discovered the lost Staff of the Magi, and help the humans, wood elves, and high elves unite against this assault. (This is the first adventure of the game The Hero’s Tale ever played).

Jakoh ascends to the throne of the high elves and establishes equality between the nations.

Second Human Dynasty in Twynne Rivers – Approx 375 AD

During the second human dynasty in Twynne Rivers (approx 100 years), the humans established extensive trade connections throughout the land, especially with the Felisians of the northeast and the dwarves and giants of the western Graemal mountains. 

The Archbishops of the Church of Three Lights became quite corrupt during this era, and a paladin named Ivarr sought the Dona Creatori to cleanse the Church and re-establish a spiritual order. He died in the effort and tales of his battles became legendary. He was later canonized as St Ivarr, the patron of heretics. 

Contemporary Era(This is the time of relative peace and stability where the primary published gaming adventures are set) – Approx 475 AD

Following the cleansing of the Church, the noble houses of Twynne Rivers became unstable. Before war fully broke out, House Twynnham was able to broker a relatively stable and peaceful coalition, establishing themselves as the new Dynasty.

This historical era lasted about 75 years, through 3 generations of the royal family. During this time the Church was cleansed yet again, by an adventuring party gathering the Donna Creatori, guided by Champions of the Creator.

While it wasn’t a time of open warfare, the various houses and guilds of the city often conflicted with each other in posturings and manipulations of intrigue (The Ballroom Battlefield Adventure).

A Tale of Heroes Approx 500 AD

Toward the end of the Contemporary Era, The events of the novels (“A Tale of Heroes”) take place.  The chapels are attacked by a surgence of The Dragon’s Flame, then Twynne Rivers falls, Emberfire and Umbrawood are attacked and are devastated by dragon attacks. 

Kirraxal I has a short reign (less than a week), which is quickly followed by Tonklyn and Exakas‘ even shorter reign.  

In the aftermath, most of the hominid civilization is fractured at best and collapsed at worst. A plague ravages Twynne Rivers before civil war overwhelms the nation.

Ultimately, order is restored, the plague is defeated and a long period of reconstruction of the City begins. 


The New Wynne

A multidimensional warlord named Warlyte attempts to take over Wynne along with other worlds connected to his realm in the Vast.



Book 1:

Book 1 references several historical events.


In Book 1, Rinkmorr acquires the Dragontooth Dagger, which had been created during the First Dragon War. Granthurg acquires it, not knowing its power nor significance.

Kirraxal, the dragon, and Tonklyn are beginning to establish the foundations of the second reign of Dragon Kings in the old Palace of the Maxxin Dynasty in the Greamal Mountains.

Acolytes of the Dragon’s Flame pursue Thissraelle and DeFrantis in an effort to capture street children to feed Kirraxal.


Book 2:


In Book 2, Thissraelle is pursued by the Dragon’s Flame, and searches for Heathrax Dragonfriend with the help of the Seekers of the Great Reality. She receives several visitations from St Ivarr, now a Champion of the Creator. 

Once they meet, Heathrax explains the history of the reign of the Dragon Kings to her and her friends.


Book 3:


Early in the book, Heathrax explains the creation story to Thissraelle. 

Eddiwarth, Parith, and Korr go to Twynne Rivers to look for the dagger.

Kirraxal and Tonklyn recruit more dragons and attack Twynne Rivers, Umbrawood City, and Emberfire City. King Hastonne is killed. Then Tonklyn kills Kirraxal and Tonklyn is also overthrown.

Xintalan leads the dragons back to the Graemal mountain palace to establish themselves there.


Book 4:


Not yet written!